mixtape: of tea, sweaters & fallen leaves

fall 2014 cover

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mixtape: white houses

White Houses mix COVER

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I Hope For Better In November: cancelled segments, new projects & mixes galore

Hi again.

Last we met, I was working on two continuous segments for RGDMFF called “Where I Come From” and “Married Before 25.” Then I disappeared from writing for bit. Why?

Um, well… I got married. And it was much more time consuming that I thought. Then we had a lovely honeymoon. Then two weeks of trying to clean and get back to our rhythym. Then a trip to Las Vegas for the Life is Beautiful festival. As well as the Royals‘ going to the World Series mingled into all of that.

Writing just hasn’t been happening for me.

However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been constantly thinking about it. Seeing as how it’s November again, I’ve been trying to outline this year’s NaNoWriMo project. I’m kind of a few days behind, but the outline itself is close to done, so we’ll see if that helps any. If you’d like to keep up with my NaNoWriMo’14 project, check it out here. There will also be an 8tracks mix for it posted up soon, and I might even be able to post segments and updates on here — but I make no promises. This year it’s all about getting that story finished.

Of course, taking on new projects means putting others on the backburner. Since my wedding, and due to some deep inflection on certain relationships, I’m currently putting my “Where I Come From” segment on hold. “Married Before 25″ is still on, even though, yes, I am now married. There are still things to be done, and I don’t turn 25 until May. So we’ll see how it goes trying to get them done. One thing I’ve learned since I got married was that: everything does not just fall into place. In fact, there are a lot more things on my To-Do List now, than ever. But they’re things I’m happy to be able to do, and I’m excited to share all of my new experiences with ya’ll.

Here are just a few things to be expecting from me in the final months of 2014:

I hope to see you along for the ride as 2015 comes barreling towards us all!

In case you’ve missed it, RGDMFF now has a Tumblr! Check up on my random happenings here and don’t forget to follow/reblog/like. <3

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There’s no room on the Kansas City Royals bandwagon for St. Louis Cardinals fans.


I grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Why? Because it’s the team my family supported, we were located on the “East Side” of the state, and hell, that’s who everyone I knew supported. It was just expected. I even went to a game during the Mark McGuire years, and it was a freaking blast to my 10 year old self.

But in high school, when they starting winning World Series and becoming an expected member for every Post Season, I kind of stopped caring. If I watched a sport, it was football, and like my father taught me, it was Denver Broncos or nothing.

Being a Broncos fan in Missouri is like being a Royals fan outside of Kansas City — pure mockery. No matter how much respect or silence I granted the Chiefs fans around me, I was always looked down upon, shit talked to, literally everything Matty said here that he recieved from Cardinals fans as a Royals believer.

Then I moved to Kansas City with my now Husband, a die hard Royals fan, and felt myself falling in love with a whole new team. There’s something magically about the Royals and their fans, I’ve noticed. They never give up, and they never surrender. For every loss, my husband would sigh and say, “Well, that’s not surprising” but he never stopped watching, he never stopped caring, and I found myself wanting to attend more of their games. I started buying blue clothes that could, if needed, be worn to games. When they lost, I would sigh with my husband. When they won, I would cheer, but as a recovering Cardinals fan, it felt like I might not be able to. After all, Kansas City has been waiting 29 years for this moment. I’m only 24. What do I know?

But then, while my new Husband and I were in California for our honeymoon, we tracked down a pub to watch the Wild Card game. We sat and watched, in a bar full of Oakland A’s fans, as a million people rejoiced. I found myself picking favorite players, while my Husband gave me the lowdown on their history. Lorenzo Cain, my man. It was love at first sight.

When the Royals won and officially made it into the playoffs, my Husband and I cheered, cried, and in that moment they stopped being My Husband’s Team, but instead became ours. The entire honeymoon was spent watching the games, talking about the team, trying to buy tickets. The superstitious fan in both of us realized that we had to watch EVERY game together, because if we didn’t, there was a chance we might not move forward.

The Royals are OUR team now. I officially have a #6 jersey, a KC beanie, and am planning out multiple Royals crafts to create for our home. And you know what? I’ve been accepted with open arms to a family that probably has every right to want nothing to do with me, as my old team seems to have always treated them. For that I want to say thank you to the Royals family, my new family.

Let’s go Take the Crown.

—It should be noted, that my family was never the “Cardinals Rule, Royals Drool” kind of fans. It could be because of our humbled existence as Broncos Fans in Missouri, or it could be that my parents are just respectful and taught me to be so as well. In fact, they’ve been rooting for the Royals, hoping for another I-70 World Series, because why have 1 team, when you can have two? (They will be rooting for the Royals, but not to bandwagon jump, but to celebrate their extended family — afterall, their daughter was just married into one.)

Originally posted on MattyFlex Knows:

“Kansas City: you’ve got a world series.”

Denny Matthews has had the play-by-play radio broadcast for the Kansas City Royals since the team’s inaugural season in 1969. On October 15th, 2014, in his 44th year, he sat before the microphone as the Royals clinched their first World Series berth since 1985. He could have said anything, or everything; instead, he chose to say virtually nothing and let the roar of an emotional crowd pick up the paintbrush and audibly illustrate the scene.

If you listen closely, you can hear me; crying, screaming, crying, laughing, crying,  in section 405, seat 21. My name is Matthew Holloway, I am 27 years old, and I’ve been a Royals fan for as long as I can remember.

If you listen closely, you can hear the guy next to me, “WHOOOOHOOOO”ing like a fanboy, in section 405, seat 22. That’s my boss. He’s kind of a…

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Married Before 25: Tattoo Acquired, From Redhead to Blonde, & “My Thing”

Last Friday, I made a post about the The 10 Things RGDMFF Thinks You Should Do Before Getting Married. Excited to get started, 24 hours later I walked into a tattoo shop in Crossroads called Old Souls and asked them alter my body.

1. Get that tattoo you’ve always wanted.
Assert your independence.
After you say “I Do” you’ll look at it and remember how you got this permanent etching on your skin for you.
If you’ve never wanted a tattoo, then how about purchasing that one thing you’ve always wanted?
Car, classic book, limited edition record, road trip cross-country…
Something that’s maybe seemed a little outrageous, or something
that you’ve always wanted but kept yourself from following through on.
Just fucking do it, man. Celebrate you.

Okay, so, a part of me was expecting them to more dramatic about it — a serious nod my way, then a serious nod to a gentleman towards the back who would nod in return, and hours later we’d all nod seriously at each other as I made my way out of the door, pulling my sunglasses down and The Who shouting “YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH” as I walked away. What? I was a tattoo virgin! With an overactive imagination! What did you expect me to think would happen?

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Where I Come From: A Scenic Journey

When people ask me “where are you from?” I have a few ways of explaining it:

“Do you know where Macon is?”

“Okay, do you know where Kirksville is?”

“How about Columbia?”

“Okay! So! Macon is in-between Kirksville and Columbia where 63 meets 36; about 7 miles west of Macon on 36 is an exit for Bevier. That’s it. That’s where I’m from.”

I then have to go on and explain that there’s about 700 people in the town; yes, I did know everyone in my graduating class; there were only 19 of us; no, my family does not own a farm; no, my family is not from the area; yes, I lived there my entire life, in the same house where my parents continue to live; etc. etc. etc. It goes on. There are more intrusive questions. Answers to those will probably be found littered throughout this series.

Since I’m sure you’re now curious as to what it’s like to “experience” Bevier, I’ll lead you on a photo journey of my favorite bits the town has to offer.




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Married Before 25: The Things I Want To Do Before I Say “I Do”

I never thought I’d get married.

Like, ever.

Like, I’d have to force my eyes shut, clench my fists, and stop breathing when my friends started talking about their dream weddings, their perfect man, etc. because I didn’t want to go on a rant about how ridiculous that seemed.

And yet, here I am: 24 years old, about to get married, with a 9-5 lame-ass job, a killer loft, and two fluffy babies.

If you’re thinking, “Oh my god, you’re just like everyone else. You got lonely, hooked up, and you’ve settled. Way to be, Rach, you’re a statistic,” then I would like to follow up that thought with this: “Wow. Fuck you, bro. Also, never call me ‘Rach.’ Ever.” (Honestly, the 16-year-old-Rachel inside of me says these things every once in awhile, so you’re not the first. Except Rach. We’ve always hated that.)

Really, though, that’s not my story. I just happened to (unfortunately? j/k babe) meet My Person at a time different than what I was ever hoping to. At 19 I met this dude, we totally hit it off, and now 4 1/2 years later we’re like, “Yo, I love you, you love me, life seems kinda grey without you, and 20 years from now I wanna still be having adventures with you. You’re my best friend, we enjoy boning one another, huzzah! Marriage!” (Insert Aziz Ansari “Tax Purposes” Clip Here)

So then what’s the problem?

Well, for one: 16-year-old-Rachel and this chick whom I have a megaboner for, Vanessa Elizabeth of WanderOnwards.com, are both like, “Dude. You’re 24. You still have so much life to live before tying yourself to another person forEVER.” And I get that. I truly do. But facts are facts, and the facts are this: I love Sean, he’s It for me. In three weeks I will no longer be Just Rachel Fair, I’ll be Rachel Fair-Callahan. My Everything, it seems, will be connected to His Everything. So how do I make 16-year-old-Rachel and Vanessa (and you, ya dick) happy with my decision? By taking the next few weeks until my marriage (September 27th, 2014) and focusing on Me, Them, and Him.

If you followed the link to Vanessa’s post, you’ll see that she made a list of 23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged at 23. Some of them I have already done, others I would like to accomplish as much as I can. On top of that, however, I’ve asked friends/family/strangers/interweb-haters what THEY think you should do before getting married, especially getting married so young.

So here’s my list; I have 15 days left to complete what I haven’t done yet. To bring you along on my journey, I will be posting clips and videos on my Instagram and YouTube accounts.

The 10 Things RGDMFF Thinks You Should Do Before Getting Married

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